When Should Seniors Avoid the Consumption of Milk and Milk Products?

When Should Seniors Avoid the Consumption of Milk and Milk Products?


In the event you fall into any of the below-mentioned categories, it is wise to avoid the intake of milk & other dairy products since they may have serious side effects on your body.


Children and adults who are allergic to milk protein must avoid the consumption of milk & its associated products. Drinking even a small quantity of milk may cause rashes, itching, swelling, and other allergic reactions.


Patients with atherosclerosis. Milk contains palmitic fatty acid in its composition, which, after entering the body of an adult, begins to accumulate in it and leads to an imbalance of acid. As a result, the patient develops atherosclerosis, hypercholesteremia, and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, these people need to reduce the use of dairy products. This is especially true after the age of 55.


People who are lactose intolerant. For them, drinking dairy products may lead to the following unpleasant problems:




Nausea, and



The above-listed symptoms can be either mild or very severe. All this happens due to the absence or the lack of the necessary enzyme in the body – lactose.


About 15% of people from the northern European origin are intolerant to lactose, while among Americans it is around 70%, while in Asia, the percentage rises up to 90 in some countries!


Sufferers of kidney stone. Diet is the main component when it comes to treating this disease. In this case, only a doctor can determine the benefit or harm of a particular food product. And to find out whether you are predisposed to this disorder, it is important to undergo medical examinations. It is also recommended to find out from your relatives whether they have the disease as genetics plays an important role in this disease.


All people who fall into the above risk groups need to stay extra careful while adding milk or milk products into their day to day diet. Also, know that the milk of cow, goat, sheep, etc. have almost identical compositions.


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