The Best Drinks For Seniors

There are so many different things that are on the market that are an option to drink, there are almost an endless number of different things that you can choose to put into your body and there are a lot of options that are so much healthier than other different options out there. For example you could drink a glass of juice or you could instead you could drink maybe a glass of water or if you are kinda getting bored of drinking water all the time you could try to drink juice with no sugar added to it so that it is all natural. There is always a better option out there and there will always be a healthy option that will make that craving go away and so that way you can enjoy the things you want without the bad things for you. Get a quote for a 2019 advantage plan at

The first thing that of course everyone should know is a better drink for you is to drink water. You need to be getting almost a gallon of water every single day and yes while that is a lot it will be such a good thing for your body and your skin and overall your health in general. It can be hard to drink a lot of water everyday but instead of reaching for a cola or a pop in general you should be trying to reach for a glass of water instead. If the problem is is that you are craving sugar then you need to just eat some fruit instead and not drink your calories because it won’t fill your body it will only make you more hungry than before.

The second thing that you should drink more of is more protein shakes. These contain a lot of protein and can fill you up so that you aren’t eating a lot of extra calories. Protein shakes can be good for when you are craving something sweet but is also good for when you are really hungry at the same time it is kinda a win win. Just make sure these don’t contain little to no sugar so that you aren’t eating extra carbs and sugar.