It’s the number one reason for doctor’s visits, and something 80% of the people experience in their lifetime. As a matter of fact, 1 in 3 women is currently experiencing spinal agony. Go through this ultimate guide to discover surprising triggers and best treatments to outsmart your back ache. Having the best insurance helps. Enrolling in one of the Medicare supplement plans in 2019 is a great idea.

  1. NECK – Don’t be so quick to blame ‘tech neck’. That achy stiffness could be coming from your arms. Weak upper limbs leave muscles taut and unable to contract properly. That spells throbbing and a heightened risk for neck injury. One way you can manage this is by adding pushups to your exercise routine.
  2. MID BACK – Breathing can act both as a culprit and cure. Quick, shallow inhales and exhales don’t engage the muscles around your central spine, leaving it sore and unsupported. The harm can happen suddenly or over months or years. Your move should be to practice deep belly breathing until it’s second nature.
  3. UPPER PELVIS – ‘Sitting all day’ is the new smoking, but a standing desk can put just as much pressure on your back’s disks if you’re on your feet 24/7.Alternate sitting and standing every half hour, then stretch for 30 seconds every hour to ease tension where your back meets your pelvic bones.
  4. LOWER BACK – You already know that excess kgs, high heels (if you wear them to social gatherings, family events) isn’t lower lumbar friendly. But the main problem here is wearing jeans or any sort of pants that is tight around your waist. Their constricting fit alters your stride, which stresses the joints in your back.
  5. SHOULDERS – Shoulder pain is a pretty common problem and can arise from many causes, this is because the shoulder joint has the greatest motion compared to any other joint in our body. Some of the many reasons that can result in chronic shoulder pain are osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, dislocation of the shoulder, and pain from the upper back or neck. Physiotherapy can be done to ease shoulder pain, the method uses appropriate massage and physical exercises to encourage healing to the affected area.