How to treat depression in the elderly?

How to treat depression in the elderly?

The rate of depression in people of the third age is quite significant. When reaching this stage of life you should get 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans at is common for people to begin to enter depressive states from which it can be very difficult to leave.


Depression in the elderly: what to do?


The arrival to old age can be a complicated stage emotionally for many people. Above all, this situation is aggravated if you live the loss of someone you love or if you suffer from some type of illness that affects the state of mind.


In order to treat depression in the elderly, it is important to review the patient’s life habits and try to introduce a series of changes in a stealthy way so that their desire to live can resurface.


Here are some of the best tips for you to know what to do if an old man suffers from depression. These are tips that you can try to do yourself but that should always be controlled by your doctor.


Pay attention to the drinks you drink:


Adults over 60 years of age also have a high rate of alcoholization. This addiction is even more worrisome at this age because it is possible that they are taking some medication or drug that generates an adverse reaction.


In addition, we must not forget that alcohol is a strong depressive that can cause the person to enter a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to leave. Therefore, we recommend that you be aware of if you consume alcohol during the day to day and if so, talk to your doctor to try to reduce this consumption.


Treatments to avoid insomnia:


It is also common for an older person to suffer from depression because he or she does not rest well at night. During the night rest is when our body is regenerated and when our cells are renewed. Not sleeping well can affect our entire biorhythm and, of course, also our mood.


When people reach the third age it is very common to suffer from insomnia. And, for this reason, it is of vital importance to treat this condition in order to treat depression.


Encourage him to do physical exercise:


Another of the best ways to treat depression in the elderly is through the practice of physical exercise. It is proven that sport improves our mood and makes us live in a more positive and optimistic way. The reason is that, with exercise, the bloodstream is activated which is the one that transports oxygen and, therefore, our cells regenerate and oxygenate.